Christian Living

What does it mean to live as a Christian in a fallen world that focuses on the outward appearance of individuals and whether or not that person is wealthy or poor?

I feel that to live as a Christian in a fallen world is to first have a thorough understanding of God’s Word and what it means to live like God wants us to live. I think that in order for us as Christians to live in this fallen world; we need to also be able to express our beliefs when challenged and recognize that sometimes it’s not our place to aggressively change people’s opinions, that’s God’s job all we can do is ask that God sends His Holy Spirit to those people.

Living this Christian life is more than carrying a Bible around because anyone can do that; it’s by showing the love of God through the actions we take whether it’s something simple like helping at a homeless shelter or doing missions and not expecting to be praised by those that see it. We as Christians need to remember that God doesn’t reward us for the things that people see and what we do, but the heart behind the action.

The blog posts below focus on the aspects of Christian living that we sometimes may not want to address ourselves.

Reading the Bible