Are You Willing to Suffer for Christ?

Here is a blog post that I did 2 years ago and I wanted to share it for those who think that as Christians, we don’t have to suffer.

Taking Up My Cross

Today, I want to talk about the suffering Christians face as followers of Christ and how we can still find joy through the suffering.

While reading this blog post, I want you all to ask yourself this question: Am I willing to endure suffering for Christ?

What does it mean to Suffer for Christ?

Well, the word suffer comes from the Hebrew word Oni which means “misery” or “poverty”. To suffer for Christ is something that we as Christians talk about and preach about, but we never actually discuss because we feel that we already know what it means. But do we? In Philippians 1:29, the Apostle Paul says that as Christians, we will suffer for Christ because we have faith in Christ and Paul says that suffering for Christ is actually a gift from God because it’s in the suffering that He comforts us.

Philippians 1:29

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13 thoughts on “Are You Willing to Suffer for Christ?

  1. I remember this. This was your first post I read. I remember you visiting my blog and commenting on a similar post of mine. After which I decided to check your blog out. Good post indeed and this reminder is always needed.


  2. Having Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand’s books (Voice of the Martyrs founders), their testimonies of how Christ showed Himself faithful in the midst of horrific trials encourage me much. I trust that He IS a very present help in times of trouble and will also be there for me as He was for them when trials come my way! Pray for our brothers & sisters in chains as though you are in chains with them, Amen


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