The Parable Series – The Parable of the Two Builders (Part 1)


Today, I will be starting a series that will focus on Jesus’s parables throughout the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In each of the parables, I will be examining the context of each parable and giving a biblical perspective too often times various issues in our lives. Throughout this series, I pray that you gain a better understanding of who Jesus is and His immense love for us and how God wants us to live our lives.  Each parable blog post will be featured on Tuesdays. 

At the end of each parable’s blog post, there will be a PDF file linking to the Bible Study Notes for that parable.

What is a parable?

A parable is a story told by Jesus that has a metaphorical meaning which can be applied to our lives. One such parable is the Parable of the Two Builders; a well-known bible narrative told to young children but has a much deeper meaning. In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus tells the story of two builders; one who is called “WISE” and the other who is called “FOOLISH”, but the teaching is in the parable.

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